About Frans
Frans started as a luthier in 1981, as a student at Juan da Montagne. After five years he opened his own workshop in Lierop, called 'Lutherie da Montagne'.
After moving a number of times to extend his work, he now has a studio annex shop in the Gestelsestraat in Eindhoven.
Since 2007 Frans works under its own name: Lutherie van Oosterhout.

Frans builds classical concert guitars, flamenco guitars, steelstring guitars, vihuela's da mano, baroque guitars and lutes. His specialty is the Maccaferri
or gypsy-guitar.
Apart from building new guitars, Frans also repairs all kinds of stringed instruments. In his shop he also sells imported guitars, study instruments,
parts and accessories.

Frans designs and builds all his guitars in close cooperation with the customer. Specific wishes are always carefully considered and in this way each instrument gets its own personal sound and charisma. His clientele is very divers: ranging from starting players to professionals, such as the Rosenberg Trio

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