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Frans geeft workshops, waarin je onder zijn professionele en gemoedelijke begeleiding, je eigen gitaar mag bouwen.

Er zijn er inmiddels velen die met enthousiasme zijn workshops gevolgd hebben. Bert en Mark hebben een klassieke gitaar gebouwd, naar kopie van Francisco Simplicio. Zie hieronder Momenteel geeft Frans een workshop aan drie deelnemers: Sander, Sandor en Jim bouwen een klassieke gitaar. Zie hieronder

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Francisco Simplicio 1929, Barcelona

Trained as a cabinet maker, Francisco Simplicio (1874-1932) apprenticed in the Barcelona workshop of the great Enrique Garcia, who had spent time in the Manuel Ramirez workshop in Madrid before moving to Barcelona. After Garcia’s death in 1922, Simplicio took over his master’s workshop. Simplicio’s craftsmanship was extraordinary and his elaborate purflings and carved headstocks are the visual proof of his gift (and Catalonian taste) for ornamentation. labelThis particular Simplicio is No. 3 in a series of at least nine guitars in which Simplicio experimented with a divided sound hole. The theory was that dividing the sound hole on either side of the fret board would allow for an extended vibrating surface and longer fan braces, thus producing more base resonance.
The sides and back of the guitar are made of a rare and visually exquisite wood highly prized but seldom used, Satinwood.
In his article on this guitar in Acoustic Guitar magazine, luthier Alan Perlman, who made some masterful repairs to the guitar in 2010, describes the instrument as “…a guitar of great depth, power and charm, with sonorous basses and exceptionally clear, lyrical trebles.” Simplicios are performed on today by such guitarists as Pavel Steidl and Matteo Mela of Solo Duo.

Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Satinwood simplicio

Workshop gevolgd door Bert en Mark
Een klassieke gitaar, naar kopie van Francisco Simplicio


Workshop gevolgd door Frans Paul
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